Coronavirus COVID 19

Thoughtful Health recognises the public health challenges of managing COVID19 and we aim to provide continuity of care for our patients during this difficult time. 


We are still open for in-person appointments.  Telehealth or telephone appointments are now available for some patients.


If you have current respiratory symptoms please contact our clinic to discuss options for rescheduling appointments or being seen by telehealth.  Please also limit the number of people you bring to appointments.  Extra siblings or family members in the waiting room increases social contact and risk of contagion.  Once you have checked in with reception you may wish to consider waiting outside.  


Please call or email us if you meet any of the following criteria and wish to be seen by telehealth:

  • Have been diagnosed with COVID19
  • Have current respiratory symptoms
  • Have recently returned from overseas or interstate
  • Are at least 70 years old
  • Are at least 50 years old and are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent
  • Are pregnant
  • Are a parent of a child under 12 months
  • Are already being treated for a chronic health condition or are immune compromised

Our clinicians primarily use Skype or Zoom for appointments.  If you qualify for a telehealth appointment we will contact you with instructions on accessing these platforms. 


Skype privacy policy:

Zoom privacy policy: