Phonological Awareness for Literacy

Thoughtful Health is a Brisbane based clinic providing intervention for children with Speech and Language Difficulties.    

The following information is provided by speech therapist Janet Boultbee, who is experienced in the management of speech and language difficulties.  Jan has been helping children enjoy Literacy Acquisition for over 20 years in her professional private practice as Certified Practising Speech Language Pathologist; volunteer (8 +- years) for Annual Book of the Year awards, Speech Pathology Australia and registered Teacher. To make an appointment with Jan call us on 3463 0722. 

The PAL program is individually modified for each young person (YP).  It is based on earlier evidence-based Lindamood's multi-sensory approach, the Gold Standard method at Univ. of Qld and elsewhere. The Queensland University (Univ.. of Qld) Inventory of Literacy (QUIL) is also the Gold Standard assessment, standardised for school years 1 - 7. 


Either individually or in small group intervention, Jan, families and the YP's teachers have consistently observed either fully caught up literacy skill, or at least improvement via several reading levels over Jan's past 20 years of tailoring intervention to the YP's learning and emotional needs, building self-esteem and enhancing long term school engagement potential. Jan first ran the program in a group context at Univ of Qld whilst a student in the 4 year B.Sp.Path degree course there in the late 1990s.



In conjunction with awareness of and addressing other individual developmental aspects including visual tracking and distraction; auditory sequencing; motor learning and mental health aspects such as anxiety, the PAL program is associated with literacy success and relief for many YP and their families.