Dr Carina Capra

B. Occ Thy (Hons 1) (UQ); PhD (psychology)


Carina is a highly experienced Occupational Therapist and is qualified to provide specialist assessment and intervention for children, youth and adults with psychosocial, mental health, developmental and academic difficulties. 


Carina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and has completed a PhD in Psychology and Counselling.   Carina is a registered Occupational Therapist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, and is a member of Occupational Therapy Australia.  


Carina is registered to provide services under the Federal Government’s Better Access to Mental Health, Chronic diseases initiatives.  Carina’s special interest is in developmental psychiatry – that is underlying developmental and neurological difficulties that impact on social and emotional wellbeing, and importantly - functioning.



Carina has special interest in:

  • Neurological difficulties -   ADHD, Tic disorder, functional seizures, ASD and the processing of sensory input. The nervous system, neurosciences and self-regulation skills (self- regulation is the ability to modify arousal levels and to make emotional adjustments necessary to stay in control of challenging situations and to functioning in life roles and relationships).
  • School / work skills - Emotional Regulation and Executive Functioning skills (maintaining attention and concentration , following instructions, planning and sequencing, shifting between tasks and sensory processing)
  • Managing Anger and anxiety
  • Developing and dealing with friendships and relationships
  • Young people having unusual or odd thoughts (Psychotic-like experiences) and/or experiences that cause distress
  • Sensory processing disorder and difficulties with how sensory information can result in regulation and behavioural and emotional difficulties.
  • Neurofeedback sessions to support functioning
  • Supporting Adults with ADHD and coaching to manage higher arousal levels and feeling overwhelmed with managing multiple roles in life.  Adults who want support with managing arousal levels to improve functioning and focus at home and work (to maximise sports performance and anxiety, managing stressful work environments and situations)

Carina is passionate about helping children, families and young adults reach their potential. Therapy is focused on enabling children, youth and families to live satisfying and meaningful lives, regaining a sense of achievement, self-esteem and well-being that may have been affected by acute and life events.  Carina addresses emotional and behavioural needs as they relate to everyday activities and social interaction.  Carina can help you or your child develop the ability to cope with challenges, calm down when frustrated, defuse anger, and manage impulses in order to succeed at individual tasks and collaborative interactions at home, school, work and in the community.   Carina has a focus on ways to support Executive Functioning skills.






 Services offered include individual child and parent therapy sessions focusing on specific psychosocial, emotional or mental health concerns.   Therapy sessions (50 min) are usually in the clinic, but school and home visits can be arranged.  Assessments are usually completed over two sessions and vary in duration depending on the age of the child and concerns.  Parent and teacher programs and workshops are also offered at different times. 


For further information, please call Thoughtful Health on 3463 0722 or email Carina directly carina@thoughtfulhealth.com.au 


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Resources for Parents

Handwriting, Reading and School Skills
Handwriting is a very complex process that draws on many different skills. If a child is having difficulties with any of the skill areas required in handwriting, learning can become frustrating, tiring and stressful. An occupational therapist can assist with handwriting, reading and other school skills to help make learning a more enjoyable experience for your child.
Handwriting, Reading and School Skills.p
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Help for parents managing kids with ADHD and organisational difficulties
Occupational therapists often work with children to help them develop self-regulation and executive functioning skills. By teaching children strategies to address these challenging areas, we empower them to become more independent and self-assured.
Help for parents managing kids with ADHD
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Help for children with anxiety
When children and young people experience anxiety, they find participation in usual activities very difficult. An OT works with children and young people to help them develop the ability to understand the physiological sensation of anxiety, understand and process the triggers for the anxiety and to help develop the ability to self-regulate when overwhelmed.
How OT's help children and young people
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Help for children with sensory processing difficulties
Problems/difficulties with sensory processing can impact on learning, social relationships, behavioural responses, self-esteem and daily skills. Children with sensory processing disorders may demonstrate difficulties processing information through any of their sensory systems.
How our bodies brains process informatio
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