Yavanna Grogan

B Speech Path (Hons), M Arts (Linguistics), CPSP

Yavanna is an experienced speech pathologist and has worked in different settings including health, education and private practice in QLD, NSW and in the UK.


Yavanna is qualified to treat difficulties in speech, communication, stuttering, and language and literacy in both children and adults.  Yavanna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Pathology and a research Master’s Degree in Linguistics.  Yavanna is also a qualified Chartered Accountant and has an interest in developing soft skills in the workplace.  In addition to private practice work, Yavanna works for QLD Education and also coordinates research for a reading pedagogy and software company; Behavioural Reading.


Yavanna is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and is a member of Speech Pathology Australia.  Other accreditations include facilitator for Circle of Security – Parenting Coaching Program, NBI™ - Whole Brain Thinking (for analysis of thinking preferences) and facilitator for Think on Your Feet®. 


In her practice at Thoughtful Health, Yavanna strives to compliment her colleagues by having a holistic approach to each person she assesses and treats.  Yavanna is an advocate for social inclusion particularly for children and adults with communication and language learning needs.  Special interests include innovation in therapies, literacy and research.


Services offered include individual child and adult assessment and therapy.  Sessions are usually in the clinic, but school and home visits can be arranged.  Initial and/ or standardised language assessments are usually completed in one longer session or over two sessions and vary in duration depending on the age of the child and concerns.


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Yavanna has appointments available now.


For further information, please call Thoughtful Health on 3463 0722 or email Yavanna directly yavanna@thoughtfulhealth.com.au 

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