Thoughtful Health has a number of experienced psychologists able to provide treatment for children, adolescents and adults.  Psychology can be useful for issues including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, parenting and behavioural problems.  Medicare rebates are available with an eligible referral.  


Psychologists at Thoughtful Health:

Psychometric testing

Bianca Limpus offers IQ / intelligence testing at Thoughtful Health.  She is accredited to complete the WAIS IV and WISC IV tests.


The WAIS IV (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale 4th edition) is designed to measure intelligence in adults and older adolescents.


The WISC IV (Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children 4th edition) is a test designed to measure general intelligence in children between the ages of 6 and 16.


Both tests measure abilities in four indexes: verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, processing speed, and working memory. These tests can be used to identify learning disabilities or disorders as well as giftedness, and can identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses.


Both the WAIS and the WISC take approximately two hours to administer, along with a clinical interview which takes one session and is booked prior to the administration of the test. The fee of $900 (GST exempt) includes the clinical interview, test administration, scoring and report.


In some cases, further testing may be indicated and will attract an additional fee. Additional testing available includes:

·         tests of learning and memory in children and adults

·         verbal learning and memory deficits in children and adults

·         assessment of executive function