Adult Psychiatry

Dr John McAulay

Dr McAulay has advanced training in Adult Psychiatry.  He can provide treatment and advice in the management of adult ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, psychosis, personality disorders and substance use disorders.  He can also assist in the preparation of medicolegal and insurance reports, as well as reports for WorkCover.  


For older adults, Dr McAulay can provide assistance in the assessment and management of dementia.


Dr McAulay has experience in the treatment of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and can work alongside physicians and GP's in the management of people with complex care needs.


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Dr Maria Andrzejewski

Dr Maria Andrzejewski will soon be joining our team.  Dr Andrzejewski is an Adult Psychiatrist experienced in the treatment of depression, bipolar affective disorder, perinatal mental health and psychosis.  She has an interest in psychotherapy, older person's mental health, and gender-identity disorders.  


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